Priti Jitani

Losing weight could not have been easier! I can’t believe myself…A total loss of 13.5 kgs! I weighed in at 69kgs (BMI 28) and I now weigh 55.5kgs (BMI 22).

The difference I see in me is breathtaking. It’s a whole new level of confidence I got in myself. The best part about Dr. Howard’s Ways Total Food Replacement is that I’ve not been feeling weak. There has been a constant guidance from my consultant Aayushi I’m grateful for. The study sessions that are provided guide us towards a healthier lifestyle and long term maintenance; it helps us understand these changes our body is making.

With a person like me, who travels 20 to 25 days a month, my husband was really going crazy, “Are you sure, you would be able to manage with so much traveling and total food replacement?” But today, he is the happiest man on earth! Some mornings, when I’m in town, he wants to click pictures of me when I get ready, this feeling is amazing! It has brought a new life to our relationship. Thanks to the Dr Howard’s Way Diet Program and their amazing support. 

(Phase 1 – 05/07/16 – 30/08/16 – Total Loss 11 Kgs)
(Phase 2 – 30/08/16 – 04/10/16 – Total Loss 2.5 Kgs)
(Phase 3 – Maintenance – On Going)