About Us

Matthew Howard has been involved in the Weight Loss and Weight Management industry for over 25 years.
Soon after leaving university, he decided to start a 3 Phase Weight Management System that would address the impending problem of weight re-gain. After observing and studying obesity statistics, it was realized that over the three decades of the so called weight loss industry being in place had FAILED its customers! This issue wasn’t just plaguing England but was prevalent globally and that is where his professional journey began.

We all have a HUGE debt to Professor Alan Howard, ‘Ph.D. MA FRIC’ who is the founder and the head of the ‘Howard Foundation Research Institute’ which was based at Cambridge University in England. That is where the very first nutritionally complete total food replacement (TFR) was completed after much research and development.

It was released onto the commercial market in 1982 after Alan finished with the clinical trials. The product went on to become a worldwide brand. Alan was the inspiration for our work in the field of obesity and it has become a lifelong obsession to reverse this disease that is crippling India. That is why we decided to call our company ‘Dr. Howard’s Way’, it is our way of recognizing that without Alan Howard, none of this would have been possible!

Matthew Howard and his wife Tejal are both the Managing Directors and owners of this company. Matt has been working with clients for over 25 years now and Tejal over 15 years. So together they have 40 + years of experience working with overweight clients.

Matt was also a director of Howard’s Way for over 15 years which has enabled him to accumulate a vast amount of experience working hands-on with patients, helping them reach a healthy BMI and maintain their lost weight past theĀ 1 year mark, which is the recognized danger time for weight regain in obese clients according to the BMA (British medical association).