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Anil Kapoor

“I did Matthew’s 3 Phase Weight Management System and lost 7.5kg in 4 weeks…”

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Shweta Shanbhag

Sometimes you have to look back to remind yourself how far you’ve come!!! My name is Shweta aged 37.

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I lost weight with Dr. Howard’s Way losing 20kg in just 12 weeks.

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Finally!! A weight loss system that is as sound medically as it is successful!

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I was so glad to have been told of The Dr Howard’s Way Diet by my friend from London.

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“I lost 38 kg in 18 weeks. I never want to go back to where I was.”

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This is the initial weight loss/actual calorie restriction utilizing our (own) TFR (Total Food Replacement) product which is going to help you on your journey towards weight loss…


This is the reintroduction of foods that will assist you in a new lifestyle routine, in a controlled manner…


This is the study of the latest techniques from the last 30 years in behavioural modification from Europe…

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