This is the initial weight loss/actual calorie restriction utilizing our (own) TFR (Total Food Replacement) product which is going to help you on your journey towards weight loss and a healthier lifestyle – reversing Type 2 Diabetes (eliminating blood sugar medications), Lowering Cholesterol to normal levels and bringing high BP down to normal/healthy levels.

You will be using TFR meal products, achieving weight loss of approximately 6kg every 4 weeks for most overweight patients*. This product is a nutritionally complete TFR which meets with all your (optimal) nutritional requirements, with minimal calories. And has been deemed safe by the US and EU FDA for over 30 years! We, in India, are FSSAI approved and have our products closely regulated and Manufactured by India’s Top Nutraceuticals Manufacturer, based in Mumbai.

Three servings per day (for ladies) delivers 474 Calories (4 servings for men: 632), produces a state of ‘mild dietary ketosis’ in the patient after the initial 3-4 days, thus obtaining optimum weight (fat) loss along with the help of the amount of water we coach you to drink, AND SUPPRESSING HUNGER NATURALLY (this will be explained during your initial consultation)!

With your very own personal Nutritionist/Consultant and with your own doctor giving you support and guidance – you will achieve your target weight in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, High BP, PCOD/PCOS or have Cholesterol issues, you will be free from medications and leading a healthy and fruitful life in just a few short months.

Phase 2

This is the reintroduction of foods that will assist you in a new lifestyle routine, in a controlled manner.  This will happen under our guidance, combined with expert re-education on how your body reacts to certain foods while maintaining normal/healthy levels of Insulin secretion that are achieved during Phase1 that in turn helps one to understand safe foods and quantities to avoid obesity related diseases.

What more could you ask for in life? We will help and guide you all the way throughout the entire 3 Phase Weight Management System. We will get you to a healthy new you and give you the support and guidance you need to lead a healthier lifestyle and work on behavioral modification that will set you free from diseases that would have otherwise left you at the mercy of western medicine and Doctors fees. This, can especially affect those when coming into middle age and later life if not addressed asap.

You can have your cake and eat it! You will learn how in Phase3. Everything will be so much easier for you because we assist you on how to go about your working day and all your other routines without the struggle of being overweight, out of breath and unhealthy – you will have more energy than you have had for years and feel confident within yourself once again.

Phase 3

This is the study of the latest techniques from the last 30 years in behavioural modification from Europe and America that we use in conjunction with our patients to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We have been utilising behavioural modification methods using up to date research and techniques to help you achieve your lifestyle changes. We also use many other techniques that have proven to be the most successful for keeping lost body fat off long term.

QUOTE – Utilising a Nutritionally Complete TFR that is combined with behavioural modification, re-education, and long term support are proven to be the best way of keeping your weight off for LIFE! Professor John Marks: King’s College Hospital Ph.D. MA, FRIC.

After completing phase 1/2 and 3 you will be ready to live a full and healthy life – so long as you adopt a certain eating pattern/lifestyle and follow Phase 3 for as long as you need to in order to learn and understand more about what it takes to be healthy LONG TERM!