The System

Will this System work for me?

The answer is, YES! Not only is this the easiest way you will ever lose weight (due to the lack of hunger in phase 1), but this system is designed in a way that will guarantee** that you lose your excess weight with us.

We have over a 90% success rate of our clients reaching their weight loss objectives. In a recent example, between October and December 2018 Priti – one of our consultants managed to help 97% of her clients to reach BMI 25 or below!

This is not a fad or crash diet; it is a Medically Supervised System where your Doctor is seeing you every 28 days throughout your weight loss journey. You will have a medical done with your own Doctor before you start your journey with us to ensure you are otherwise fit, well and given the all clear to start.

Being on the Dr. Howard’s Way 3 Phase Weight Management System will bring a decrease in the dosage of the medications associated with blood pressure issues, cholesterol and type II diabetes. We have been reversing type 2 diabetes for over two decades. So your type II diabetes medication will be discontinued under medical supervision.


How is our system different from other diet programs?

The Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System is a simple, easy and safe and educational way to ensure good overall health is maintained without compromising on nutritional intake.  All our products provide you with all your vital nutrients according to the RDA guidelines to ensure all individuals gain optimum nutrition whilst on your weight loss journey 

We differ from others in this industry as we have combined our experience into a system that incorporates re-education, support and behavioural modification. This will help you to lose weight and also gain the knowledge you need to keep it off long term! 

We help you gain a better understanding of nutrition and the lifestyle modifications required with our study sessions that we have during all the 3 phases.

We not only focus on nutrition when you start the system but also behavioural science, which makes us very different from other companies in the weight loss industry.


** As long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of the system and do not falter in any way and do not have any hormonal issues, you will lose excess body fat in a safe and manageable amount of time.