Anantesh Shanbhag

I am Anantesh Shanbhag, 41 years old, I have been overweight most of my life. Thanks to the diet structure and lifestyle of South Indians that helped me retain the excess weight!

I followed several diets since 2004, lost some kilograms, gained it again and thereafter enrolled with another dietician, loss some weight and guess what? I gained it yet again. I joined Fitness First in 2009 and I was weighing in at 105Kgs that time… I lost weight in fitness first along with a diet and dropped down to 78kgs and gained my weight back once the dieting stopped. This happened twice with me during the last 7 years.

I underwent a lower back surgery in November 2011 and one of the discs was removed. My Doctor advised me to lose weight. I enrolled myself with another Dietician and lost weight over a period of a year or so but then it within 4-5 months! I never really maintained my weight and was just yoyo-ing for all these years.

I got to know about Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System through a friend of mine and I decided to try it. So, I enrolled with Dr. Howards Way and started the diet on 13/10/2016 I weighed in at 98kg then (BMI 31). Towards the end of my phase 1 (weight loss period) I weighed 74Kgs (BMI 23). I had lost 24Kgs in 70 days!! I now weigh 71kgs and my Phase 3 (re-feeding) is in progress. 

The best thing about Dr. Howard’s Way is that Phase 3 (maintenance period) is continuous as long as I need their support throughout my life!

I feel energetic and fresh now and I was never low on energy at anytime during the diet.

Thanks to my consultant Aayushi and the entire Dr. Howard’s Way team for making it possible for me to achieve my health goal.

Phase1  – (13/10/16-21/12/16) – 24Kgs
Phase2 – (21/12/16-11/01/17) – 3.3Kgs
Phase3 – Maintenance – On Going