Weight Management

Losing weight requires commitment and effort. It is therefore disheartening both for patients and practitioners to see weight regain occur and the resulting negative feelings can lead to abandonment of weight management efforts and the question most people seem to echo these days is.. “Won’t I just put it all back on again afterwards?”

The BMA (British Medical Association) state that over 95% of all dieters regain all their lost weight (and more besides) within 12 months.

“Doesn’t that apply to the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet patients as well?” Keeping lost weight at bay depends upon how much and what you eat, on a regular basis and if you return to old habits/eating patterns, after dieting there can be only one outcome. However, at the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet, Weight Management System we have Phase 3 in place – Maintenance!!

If a patient makes use of the maintenance system and gets the benefit of the ongoing advice and support, they do succeed in keeping their weight down to a manageable 3/4 kg buffer zone. However, from time to time, life itself can crowd in on us and we can easily lose the plot. With the help of the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet Consultants this is not a fear, a successful dieter should be concerned with. After embarking on our system, patients will quickly learn all they ever wanted to know in an easy and informative way about the social environment we live in today. With all their help and expertise, patients find they are able to stay within their target buffer zone.

At the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet, Weight Management System, we have an important role in emphasising the chronic nature of obesity and its potentially related diseases if it is not addressed early on in life. Our patients are (with meetings and study sessions) encouraged to make changes to their diet and physical activity which they can sustain in an easy manner.

Furthermore, patients are encouraged to continue to monitor their weight with regular checks especially in the first 6 months of entering phase 3, so that awareness of any weight regain can be tracked and addressed before it becomes a problem. Patients are encouraged to return to the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet consultant for further support if this happens.

Patients, who have gone through maintenance consultations/check ins, have proven that this is the most reliable method for keeping their weight down to a manageable maximum of 3/4kg buffer zone.