Vinay Rohrra

This is me, Vinay Rohrra and this is about my transformation post the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System….First and foremost I would like to thank Matt Howard, Namita & Karishma. 

Okay here we begin…. 

At first I was very reluctant to Start with the program because only the thought of not eating solid food as we know it and being on a Total Food Replacement for 28 days was really scary…but I was astonished by seeing people around me losing weight in a considerable amount of time and the effect it had on them…they looked and felt amazing! 

So I was like “0k at least let’s take an appointment and see how this works” 

After I had my first appointment With Namita my perception changed about the whole programme. 

I was struggling to lose the body fat that I wanted to, hence it goes without saying I had tried hence it goes without saying I had all the possible diets out there including fad diets but nothing worked…NEVER! 

I started to focus on my willpower and I started the Dr. Howard’s Way programme at 72.1 Kgs (BMI 26) and in 28 days I saw the results…now I am 64 Kgs (BMI 22)… not just me but people around me were amazed as it’s really the safest and fastest way to lose weight and get your health on track! 

In this Whole program I had my guide, my consultant Karishma… she really motivated me and kept in touch and supported me at all possible times when I needed it the most. 

I had already promised myself what I wanted to achieve and of course once you invest a certain amount of money you WANT to reap the benefits. 

I now am now in my phase 3 i.e. the maintenance phase. 

I am working out and have got the confidence back which was out of the window. 

So please don’t be afraid to face your fears because that’s where we win. 

Phase 1 & 2 – (28/4/16 – 22/06/16)
Maintenance – On Going