I am a 43 year old man who was weighing in at 78.6 Kg (BMI 30) and I had been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for quite a while and had been through quite a few fad diets. To top it off I was a type 2 diabetic patient. 

Last year I was introduced to Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System by a friend in Dubai who did it and kept the weight off. 

Though skeptical at first I started it and after the first three days I was surprised to have stopped my diabetic medication. After 5 days I wasn’t hungry and maintained my 18 hours day of work with no difficulty. After 2 months (phase 1- fat loss) I came down to 65.6Kgs (BMI 25) and maintaining a waist size of 30 inches down from 36 inches. I now fit into clothes without altering and also no more diabetic medicine! 

I Have kept the weight off after 3 months from finishing Phase 2 (the re-feeding phase). The support is incredible from the team in Dr. Howard’s Way! They maintain a constant communication avenue and are at point in keeping tabs with regular updates. 

I got enough and more encouragement to continue and be motivated. My Personal visit to the office in Mumbai was a very pleasant experience, not only my consultant Mrs. Jayshree but all her colleagues are very courteous and helpful. 

I have now referred a very good friend in Sri Lanka and he has the same great experience. 

Keeping in touch after the end of the program is great, the care factor is incredible. 

Most diets failed for me because I was alone. Here I wasn’t, and this is what I believe has been my biggest achievement. This is my success story. 

Duration : 3/06/15 – 28/07/15 (Phase 1)