Sonali Naik

For most of my childhood and all of my adult life, I’ve been a large person. Because I was intrinsically a very confident person, this never affected me. My family and close friends would always tell me I needed to lose weight but I felt confident in myself and my health was fine, so why bother?! Being an absolute foodie and someone who loves trying new cuisines and new restaurants, I used to dine out 4-5 times a week and binge on street food as and when I was walking by a tempting looking food stall.

This year changed something in me. I thought to myself in January that I am turning 30 this year and post this I won’t be able to get fit as easily as I could now. With the possibility of marriage and child birth etc, I wanted to be fit for the future. I was never a lazy person. I always did some form of exercise or the other – it could be weight training, Zumba or spinning. None of this ever worked for because I would never be able to follow a diet for more than 2 weeks successfully. For the first time I was feeling unhealthy and was suddenly noticing how much I was eating – especially when I was not even hungry but food was just kept in front of me. I started thinking to myself that something was amiss – something needed to change.

I suddenly remembered that a friend of mine had recommended Dr. Howard’s Way to me a while ago because his mother and sister had successfully lost weight through the program so I immediately gave him a call!

Ever since then, there’s been no looking back!! I started the system on 12th February 2019. I thought I would do it for a maximum of 2-3 months. I am a very strong willed person and if I put my mind to something I always achieve my goal but following a diet is where this never worked. I started this program and what motivated me to move forward without stopping was the fact that I was seeing great results. The results were not too fast to think I am losing weight in an unhealthy manner and they were also not drastic in any way. As per the instructions given to anybody on the program, I began walking 4-5kms a day. I was losing anywhere between 3.5kgs to 4kgs per month. I was also required to keep my doctor in the loop and see him at the end of the completion of every successful month. This instilled a lot of confidence in me and helped me know that I was on the right track.

Now I am on the tail end of my journey and I cannot believe that I have completed the entire program and reached my goal weight!! I had started out at 90.5 kgs with a BMI of 36.5 which was morbidly obese. I am now 52kgs and my BMI is 21 – which is the ideal BMI for someone of my height.

I am absolutely elated and I cannot thank Ms. Priti Korgaonkar and Mr. Matt Howard enough! I have achieved a target so monumental that I myself am left shocked! I have never been this weight in my life – I started gaining weight when I was 8 and kept climbing the scale ever since. At this stage in my life, I am at the perfect weight for my height and I am looking like a different person and I feel lighter, fitter and feel less fatigued.

Thank you so much to Dr. Howard’s Way for allowing me to achieve my goal and helping me look forward to better, fitter and brighter tomorrow. I will forever be indebted to the time and effort you all have invested in me and proud of myself of sticking through it!

Love & Light to everyone involved!