Saroj More

I started my weight loss journey with Dr Howard’s Way Weight Management System weighing in at 110.9kgs (BMI – 45). I am now 79.8kgs (BMI 33). After I had my daughter, I had takeout almost every night. My knees had given up. I had no concept of portion control and often ate until I felt sick. I remember when I started Dr. Howard’s Way I was so nervous..Once I started… Total Food Replacement was so addictive and there was no excuse to skip a day. I took one day at a time. I started to realise that when I can put on new clothes that are a smaller size and look good in them, it’s the biggest confidence booster. And I have so much more confidence in myself now than I’ve ever had in my life. 

When I reached phase 2 (re-feeding) I remember that moment when I was eating and felt that, ‘You’re full!’ signal for the first time. I’d never felt that before and it felt amazing to listen to my body. I started to pay attention to portion sizes and weight everything that I ate. It’s so easy to overestimate a bowl of ‘bhel’ and if you overestimate 100 calories five times a week, that’s an additional 500 calories! Once I lost my 33Kgs I started walking and eating more veggies, proteins and healthy carbs to fuel my body. I believe it’s not about your willpower; it’s about a plan. If you set yourself up with a good plan and make smart decisions prior to the moment when you need them the most, healthy choices will be easy. 

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank my consultants who are more like my daughters… Namita, Sonali and Karishma… for supporting me and guiding me through this journey and giving me my health back.