Sargam Jassu

I am extremely happy with my weight loss achieved with Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System. My journey started at 92.7Kgs (BMI 29) for me it was effortless as I chose not to go to the gym in phase I and I still lost weight (although I understand the importance of some form exercise to help me maintain my lost weight)… now I am most importantly VERY healthy. 

I managed to lose 12 kilos of body fat in 7 weeks, weighing in at my lowest 80.5 Kgs (BMI 25) which I thought was impossible in my case; I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I have started maintaining my weight now after starting the phase 2 of the weight management system; I have also educated myself about a healthy lifestyle with the help of my consultants. 

All thanks to Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System. 

I would also like to thank my friend Aashna Khannum who introduced me to them, 

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to my consultants Namita, Karishma & Trupti for the professional guidance and PLENTY of support during my entire journey of phase I & 2! I could have not have done this without you all. 

Looking forward to see what phase 3 has in store for me! 

Duration : 26/09/15 – 11/12/15
Phase 2 – On Going