Sangeeta More

I wanted to lose weight in order to regain my lost confidence. but how? I did not have an answer. I was walking and doing yoga on a regular basis but my weight was not going down; instead it kept going up and I could not understand why. 

My niece had done the program called Dr. Howard’s Way Diet and I was surprised to see the results. I discussed with her and she convinced me to go for it. 

I started this plan weighing 82 Kgs (BMI 35) and stopped at 59.6 Kgs (BMI 25) 

I am very happy. Thanks to my consultant Aayushi and the whole team of Dr. Howard’s Way Diet for being so supportive and motivating.

Phase 1 – (01/01/17 – 20/01/17) – 19.5 Kgs
Phase 2 – (20/01/17 – 17/02/17) – 2.2 Kgs
Phase 3 – Maintenance – On Going