Ruby Ahuja

I would like to thank everyone from the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System for changing my life! 

It has been a long journey nearing 5 months now…!! I was 95kgs (BMI 37), extremely obese 5 months ago and I could have never thought of a life like this 

I was extremely unhealthy. I consider myself very lucky to have met them through one of my friends who had done their programme and no doubt they changed my life too! 

It took me a while to decide to start with my diet because I needed lot of dedication and motivation at the same time. Post my consultation with Namita I Finally decided to start with it on the 06/10/15. 

I thought to myself, if I don’t try…l will never know… l had never thought that these five months will transform me in such a drastic level and change my life to such an extent…within one month of my diet I started feeling the change in me, not only that but my husband also started noticing the difference and Started complimenting me. 

The entire team of Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System were so supportive and helpful. They were always there to boost you and guide you in whatever problem I used to face. I have no words to describe the happiness I have been through in all these months. It indeed is a miracle for me and it is a pleasure to see people’s reactions when they look at me. I feel so overwhelmed by the comments I have been getting lately. 

I am so happy that I now can wear all kinds of clothes, I can move on so actively and most importantly I am much healthier. Today I stand here at 71 kgs (BMI 28) 23kgs lighter. I am out of words to describe the change and happiness in me.

I would like to specially thank the one and only Mr. Matthew Howard..Sir…Hatts off to you! I feel this is the best way to lose weight…NOTHlNG can be better than this..I would say every bit of sacrifice that I have done in the last 5 months and every dime I spent was absolutely worth it! 

Thanks a TON to the entire Dr. Howard’s Way Team! You guys are the BEST! 

Ruby Ahuja
Duration – 06/10/15 – 23/01/16 (Phase 1)
(Phase 2 – On Going)