Rashmi Joshi

I have been into Rhythmic gymnastics and other sports since childhood. I’m currently training in Dance. Even after the rigorous training and a controlled diet, my weight would always be above the healthy BMI range. Eventually I started gaining more weight! I came across Dr. Howard’s Way Diet through a friend and co-gymnast. I decided to go ahead with it and without a doubt it has turned out to be the best decision I’ve taken in my life! In a total of three months I’ve lost 13kgs while still retaining healthy skin, facial features and NO weakness. My start weight was 69kgs (BMI 27) and I now weigh 56kgs (BMI 22). The consultants are like family and the process is made very easy and understanding. Unlike other programmes, this diet informs and makes one aware through detailed study material and constant updates and a promise of lifetime maintenance. It has enabled me to change my perspective on food and my health; I have never felt so confident about myself before! 

Dr. Howard Ways Diet is a strong recommendation for those who are willing to take the effort for a systematic, knowledgeable, well informed and swift weight management.

(Phase 1 – 08/06/16 – 02/08/16 – Total Loss 10Kgs)
(Phase 2 – 09/08/16 – 13/08/16 – Total Loss 3Kgs)
(Phase 3 – Maintenance – On Going)