Puja Khasu

Dr. Howard’s Way Diet has turned out to be a blessing for me. As soon as I crossed my 40th Birthday, I started gaining weight at a very fast pace and touched 73 kgs in no time. I tried all the diets, starved myself, did multiple exercises, however of no use. 

Then I came to know about this 3 Phase Weight Management System and enrolled myself with lot of apprehensions. However, to my surprise I started losing substantial amount of weight per week and it started boosting my confidence. I had lost almost lost 12 kgs in 9 weeks and am very happy with Dr Howard’s Way Diet System. I am back to my shape and it feels good to see myself in the mirror and there is no restrictions in wearing whatever dresses I want to wear.

It also helped me know about many facts which are leading to weight gain and what are the right food which we should take. 

Thank you once again to the Dr. Howard Weight Management and congratulations to the whole team which are involved in making it a success.