At the age of 34, I’ve come to certain conclusions on my life till date: 1. I’ve never been a fit or a thin girl since I became a teenager 2. My weight has been responsible for several ailments 3. My weight has affected me as a person.

I’ve also been through 5 serious weight management plans at different stages where I’ve lost up to 11 kilos however, I always regained the weight plus a few more kilos. But Dr. Howards Way Diet is the only weight management system that has got right to the root of my dependence on food and managed to help me knock it off in a healthy way.

The idea of phase 1 was daunting initially but soon you realise that it increases your stamina, helps you sleep very soundly, and keeps you invigorated through the day, all while you are on a 450 calorie diet a day, burning body fat. In 10 weeks I lost 20 kilos! I’m now on phase 2 and still losing an average of 1 kilo a week, ensuring that I not only reach my goal but also enabling my body to learn about digesting food at the right rate and eating healthy.

What however, in my opinion, is the biggest difference in this system viz a viz others, is the 1 on 1 attention you get from Matthew, Tejal and their team… on a daily basis! Encouraging, correcting, instructing and more importantly ensuring you reach your weight loss goals. This alone is significantly different to anything else I had experienced.

Today I’m on my way to being healthy with zero medication for BP, migraines or indigestion. I am also on my way to becoming fit, with not just being able but enjoying a 7 km brisk walk, climbing mountains, swimming underwater for longer durations and eating healthy.

From a size 18 to a size 8-10, the journey has been enjoyable and rewarding. I’m looking forward to entering into phase 3 and taking control of my life.

One thing I will share: this is not just a diet, it’s a healthy lifestyle and a paradigm shift in the way you live and I’m a better person for it.