Sr. Nutrition Consultant Priti Korgaonkar

Yet Another Happy Patient

Really proud of u bro…there was a time when you couldn’t trek at all when you were unwell and couldn’t climb…look at you now…trekking in one of the toughest in here… keep going keep rocking… you are an inspiration

Thank you so much buddy. It means a lot to me to know that I can inspire someone in whatever small capacity….

You are bro…hope I take some page from your book and do something good for myself…

It is okay to enjoy sometimes….but be conscious about your health…

Look what you have done… you are equally responsible for all of this…changing lives of people…can’t thank you enough…


So proud of you

So happy to see this

You are inspiring a lot of people

I must give the credit to you as well… had it not been your guidance this would not have been possible…

So thank you again ma’am….

And I live for those moments if we have done something good or inspired at least one person

Thank you Abhishek for achieving your target weight and for keeping up with it

 Maintenance is not that easy but looking at you no one will say it’s difficult

One person? You are touching lives in multiples ma‘am… simply great  

Thank you