Prachi Tehlan

From being a fit sports woman to working for a corporate… It was quite a drastic lifestyle change. I gained a lot of weight…starting from 79Kgs (during my sports days) to 92Kgs (working in a corporate for 3 years.) 

Suddenly…..out of the blue I got an offer to work in one of the daily soaps on Star Plus of my height and good sporty built. 

I was asked to reduce 15Kgs at the same time. I came to Mumbai in January 2016 and it was very difficult to reduce 15Kgs with my hectic schedule of work of a minimum of 12 hours a day in the TV industry. That’s when a friend recommended going for the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System. I thought of giving it a try…for me a lot of motivation, support and an iron strong willpower was required to be on the first phase of program but my consultant Namita supported me and then it was as easy as it gets. 

A push from day I and constant encouragement and counselling from Namita and the entire team helped me to keep myself driven to my goal. 

I started my diet in February with my weight at 88.8Kgs (BMI 27) and today, after 12 weeks of hard work, I reduced 13.7Kgs. 

My personal experience of following this diet has been just amazing. Each day when I used to see myself in the mirror… l felt great and more confident about myself. Today I am 75. I Kgs (BMI 23) and I feel great about my body. I Can Wear Whatever I Want to! From Size XL… I now started fitting into Size M! 

I feel very light and fit! I have also started working out. The hard work and determination finally got me amazingly wonderful results and a NEW ME! 

Thank You Dr. Howard’s Way & the entire team for supporting me!

Phase 1 (30/01/16 – 09/04/16)
Phase 2 – On Going