Namita Kriplani

This is me last Christmas (86kgs BMI 34) baking away cupcakes for the holiday season-and this is me today (60kgs BMI 23) days later. It is amazing how much impact a healthy diet and exercise can have in your life on many aspects. This is a type of feeling that once you’ve gotten a taste of, you never want it to go away. I am way more confident. I don’t take no for answers if anybody tries to put me down I don’t let them get to me because the way I changed my lifestyle showed me I am capable of doing what I want. I discovered am I disciplined; I have will power to control what goes in my mouth and in life.

 Me posting excessive of my results is far personal than just to show off a healthy body. The weight lost is a metaphor for so much more my life. My depression, my addiction. My battle with weight my entire teen life. I lost my faith. My bad eating habits were out of control.

My biggest problem was always the struggle of feeling hungry! And when I decided to join in With Dr. Howard’ Ways 3 Phase Management System (in phase 1 the fat loss part)…..I didn’t feel hungry! I’ve learned that it is not about eating less; it is about eating better and making choices. 

When you change your habits and lifestyle to become health-oriented, your own self-worth increases. Especially as you see results in your physical appearance. It’s easy to be hard yourself when you constantly feel tired or out of shape. Start today your path to a healthy lifestyle and watch self-confidence grow as a result.

My colleagues Karishma, Trupti & Sonali, thanks to your support and encouragement I battled every day to make sure I regained control and became the best version of me possible.

Was it easy? Hell no. Was it worth it? Hell yes. I am hoping this to show you all that no matter how far you have fallen and no matter how hard your life may be, it all starts with self-belief. ‘Your fitness is 100% MENTAL! Your body won’t GO, where your MIND doesn’t PUSH it.’ 

I hope you all find the inspiration you need to overcome whatever battles you are facing and you can smile at end of your journey. 

Special shout out to my Matt and Tejal from the bottom of my heart for being so humble and giving me honour to now consult & help perform their own transformations.

My Mother, my pillar of strength who held my hand throughout my emotional breakdown swallowed, my tantrums and taught me to fight the world. This couldn’t have been possible without you. 

So go ahead, as the year is coming to a close gift yourself a healthy 2016 and make those healthy wise choices when it comes to food especially till you achieve your goals. Once you lose weight, we will teach you techniques to maintain it of course with your support… In the meantime. “Happy holidays” and enjoy the season with your family friends. Stay healthy, Stay wise. Cheers to you all. 

This chapter in my life has closed and a new one—now begins… Merry Christmas and have a Happy Healthy New Year! 

Duration – 7 Months