Mrs. M

All my life I have been a healthy person and have never faced weight issues. However 3 years ago I started putting on a lot of weight and by the time I realised, it had piled up to an unimaginable amount. Then to quickly drop that weight, I made desperate attempts to lose the excess fat. With every diet, I initially lost some weight but very quickly I gave up and ended up putting all the lost weight back on again. This made me feel even more desperate and hopeless. I had lost all my confidence, I didn’t like to be photographed nor did I like going out because I knew I would end up feeling embarrassed, emotional and uncomfortable.

This was nothing less than a miracle. Even now I am convinced that the Universe had planned it all out. In February I had gone to visit an Aunt of mine in Delhi. We were having coffee at her place and casually chatting. Suddenly someone by the name of Rashmi called my Aunt’s mobile and told her she’s coming to her place in the next 15 minutes. From the time the phone conversation ended to the time this friend arrived my Aunt’s place, for some strange reason my Aunt told me how this friend recently lost oodles of weight and she looks like a brand new person. She told me she had lost 30kgs in 5 months!! Like every other diet, this too caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to meet this friend who was on her way to my meet my Aunt.

It was no doubt Rashmi Aunty‘s success story that immediately caught my attention and had me join Dr Howard’s Way. When I met Rashmi Aunty for the first time, I didn’t hold back and within minutes I asked her the question, “Aunty, how did you lose so much weight?” I don’t know what she would have thought at that point of time, that a complete stranger is asking such a question. But she immediately told me about Dr Howard’s Way and asked me if I’m keen to join she will call her consultant, Naina. Within minutes Rashmi Aunty reached out to Naina and introduced me to her. Following my gut, I then booked myself for my initial consultation. And rest is history.

It’s amazing how I have never met my consultant in these 4 months. Everything has been over the phone, however by the end of this journey I not only achieved my goal weight but also found a beautiful friend, Naina. It was very rare, but still there were some days where I felt emotional and wanted to give in to my cravings. Naina would talk me through, counsel me, and do everything to distract me till my cravings didn’t disappear. She made me look at the bigger picture and this was usually the main reason in all my previous attempts to lose weight that I would fail (I would give in too soon). I can proudly say, in 4 months…even though I wanted to, but I eventually never gave up or had a sneaky thought to cheat even once. All thanks to Naina and the support system I had with me 🙂 Needless to say I achieved my target weight and lost all of it in 3 months (a lot sooner than I expected).

I feel alive again! It’s definitely liberating to feel comfortable in your own skin again and to enjoy dressing up, feel confident to meet people and not hide or shy away from the camera. I feel so much more happier, healthier and confident. Earlier I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or how to shift this excess weight, which made me miserable. Through the weekly study sessions and thorough consultations, I now know how to eat healthy and keep my weight off! Apart from receiving never ending compliments from everyone around me, today I’m in such a happy place and often get looked up to when people want inspiration and motivation to lose weight. After my success story, many friends have started taking their weight a lot more seriously.

For me Dr Howard’s Way is nothing short of a miracle. It works like magic! This is a very professional and wonderfully planned out program. You are in constant touch with professionals who are there not only to encourage and motivate you but also guide and support you every step of the way. At no point are you alone and the best part is, it’s all planned out for you. All you have to do is show up and watch your health transform for the better 🙂