Malabika Dutta

I remember those years spending restlessly & frustrated with my newborn baby. I was working for a television channel as PR and EP. I took an off for a couple of months at the beginning thinking I will not able to manage my child and my job together. I finally managed both though it was very hectic and tiring.

I would remove my stress by overeating. I could hardly sleep those days and I would start to think that I would become weak if I wouldn’t eat. What I failed to realize was that I was eating too much.

Over a period of time my habits become so bad that I started gaining weight by leaps and bounds. Forget the ‘proper food’ I had no fixed timing either.

I was so engrossed with the upbringing of my child that every time I used to eat, I gulped my meals in split seconds, this lead to severe indigestion. I used to feel  bloated all the time. My meals would be mostly junk food, soft drinks, teas and coffees throughout the day. Overeating was killing me.

When my daughter used to fall ill I used to stay awake all those nights and used to binge mindlessly on chips, achar all these munchies. From 2005 to 2009 it like that.  By the time my daughter was 5 years old my weight touched 78kgs. I could hardly move. I was having trouble breathing, my knees started to hurt. I destroyed my health.

In 2009 I met my relative Anwesh Bose who was at that time doing Dr. Howard’s way Weight Management System and lost nearly 30Kgs of extra weight. It opened my eyes. I took their phone number and contacted them but again I thought that if I go for any diet plan and fall sick what will happen to my daughter? Who will look after her if I fall sick? It took me another 5 years to decide and make up my mind and by that time I did… I was 88Kgs.

I have to admit that in between I used to visit doctors, dieticians for help but nothing helped much. My daughter become 9 and used to feel bad. I was depressed with my weight. She told me ‘Ma you should do something about your health now since I am a grown up’. She motivated me so much that finally I called up Dr. Howards Way Weight Management System again after 4 years and concrete that I would go for their diet plan. Tejal gave me Namita’s number. Namita called me talked to me and finally gave me an appointment with Matt.

My life took a very big leap on that day and here I am now 15kgs lighter. Loosing 15kgs in 3 months was miracle! I look back Dr. Howards Way Weight Management System gave me a new life… a new me!

I am so confident and proud of myself now. My daughter is also very happy for me. When her friend’s mothers compliment me she feels very proud of me.  It’s a great feeling all together. I have got a new look, new body and to top it off with my relationship with food has changed enormously. Now I know what food is good and what is bad for my health. Physically and mentally it is a divine make over for me.

During my Phase 1 (fat loss part) Karishma (my consultant) guided me all the way through, the motivation Namita and Karishma gave me was unforgettable.

I can never forget those days. I was not very sure how can I manage but with their guidance did it successfully.

In phase 2 (re-feeding) Trupti took over and guided me thoroughly. And now Phase 3 (maintenance) Sonali is taking care of me along with Matt.

I am so blessed for having the Dr. Howard’s Way family with me. Their way of talking, their professionalism and guidance is unreal. Thank You for being with me for last seven months. They are like my family to me. I just love them!

Current Weight 68Kgs (BMI 25) – Maintenence on going.
Duration- 5 Months