Mahalaxmi Srinivasavan

I have been obese my life and had my War with food and the way I looked physically. I always tried hard to lose weight on many occasions and Disappointedly gained it back too. It was a vicious cycle. About a year ago I was referred to the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System by a friends (l had seeing a change in them.) I decided to contact them and got in touch with Karishma and Namita (with my initial consultation) immediately and got started on the programme on 20th October 2015.

Considering that I was a big “foodie” I did struggle at the beginning but I was determined to finish it with all my heart. Little did know I had so much strength and determination!

I started the diet with my weight of 87 Kgs (BMI of 32) I lost about 24 Kgs in phase 1. Today I stand at 65 Kgs (BMI of 24) I am absolutely healthy and feel Amazing about myself!

What I have learnt from the whole experience is my relationship with food and respect it… I was always abusing food and eating illogically all my life. But now I realize what is good and what is not good through the education that was provided from the programme.

I’m one month into phase 3 and I have made a promise to myself that I will respect myself and not abuse my body and eating habits anymore.

A big thank you to Namita, Karishma, Sonali, Trupti and last but not the least Matt.

Phase 1 – 20/10/15 – 28/01/16
Phase 2 – 06/03/16 – 17/04/16
Phase 3 – on Going