Lavina Mani

I lost 15 Kgs in just 12 Weeks with Dr. Howard’s way system. Every week’s results keep you motivated which is very important when you are on a diet. Continuous monitoring with all the information shared made it much easier to understand the healthy way of living. Weight loss… Is the biggest thing to achieve and with Dr. Howard’s way weight management system I could reach my goal. I am sure it will help others too.

Now I feel much more confident. All thanks to Dr. Howard’s way team and specially my consultant. Aayushi.

Phase 1 – (12/82017 – 14/8/2017) – 14.5kg (BM130)
Phase 2 – (14/8/2017 – 11/9/2017) – 0.3kg (BM125)
Phase 3 – Maintenance – On going