Kaushaliya Dsouza

I have a family history of diabetes and I had been looking for ways to lose weight since my doctor had told me that the first step to control diabetes is to lose weight. The kind of job I do has erratic timings and leaves me with little or no time for regular exercise. When a friend of mine told me about losing weight with Dr. Howards’s Way Weight Management System, I was a bit uncertain at first but the team at Dr. Howard’s Way cleared all my doubts and my initial consultation with Namita helped me ¬†understand how the diet works. I am glad that I took the decision to follow this diet as today I weigh 15kgs less and I haven’t felt healthier ever before. Moreover my diabetes is under control too!

It’s a weight loss system that is not only medically supervised but also successful! ¬†Thank you to the entire team of Dr Howard’s Way and my consultant Aayushi for giving me a new life and making me look and feel like a star!!

Phase 1 – (04/08/16-12/10/16) – 13.5 Kgs
Phase 2 – (12/10/16-09/11/16) – 2 Kgs
Phase 3 – Maintenance – On Going