Joseph Asani

I feel on top of the world! Why? Because of Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System. I achieved what I thought was impossible and could never even dream of. Before starting at Dr. Howard’s Way, I weighed in at 96Kgs (BMI 30).

I came across so many advertisements regarding weight/fat loss diets, but nothing felt right till I had a consultation with the Dr. Howard’s Way Team. The comfort level and knowledge was just WOW!

Prior to starting this weight management system I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had collapsed two times due to low sugar levels of 35. Because of this, I hurt my back & shoulders. I was concerned and afraid for my family. Should anything have happened to me and at that, such a young age of 32, I don’t know where my family would be right now. I wondered how one could get in such a situation… I blame myself and my habits for the position that I got myself in to.

I started my journey with the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System and everyone could see the change in me, gradually over the weeks. Losing weight was the main element of the system but as an added bonus getting free from diabetes was the biggest achievement.

Slowly my medication reduced and today I stand without medication. My sugar levels are normal whenever I check. This is due to my now better functioning pancreas because my insulin levels have now been regulated.

Matt Howard (Owner / Director of the company) has given me a great gift – my good health. Thank You!

Namita, Karishma and Trupti – Great team work and great follow up with excellent knowledge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The sum up my journey with Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System, from the very first day till today (November 15)… the communication, the follow up and the monitoring has been awesome and records are maintained up to date. This has left me speechless and overwhelmed. I am at a words to express the professionalism that the Dr. Howards Way team follows.

My family is very happy now and my fear of what could have happened that I had within me… is no more.

God bless you all for being a blessing to others.

Joseph Asani
Bangalore – India

Weight – 76 Kgs (BMI 24)
Duration – 09/06/15 – 10/09/15