Jersis Irani

I used to look in the mirror & just accept who I had become. I never exercised. I would walk up the stairs & have to catch my breath. I never used face myself or have the courage to weigh myself. I didn’t want to know what my exact weight was & I was least bothered to control my eating habits. I would go out to eat twice a day & certainly not to places that offered healthy food choices. My Doctor said I could possibly have a heart attack, I almost did.

My Doctor suggested that I get down to “battling with my weight” & become healthier. He also mentioned that I’m a ticking bomb, which would explode if not controlled. When my doctor tell me I had to diet, I cringed. I could never do this by myself! Once my father was passing by Dr. Howard’s Way clinic, he inquired about the program & got to know that it is a medically supervised system. My father & I looked at each other & there was no question that this was the rout we were going to take… Being a big time “foodie” it was extremely difficult for me to control the urge & cravings for food & its aroma. But with Dr. Howard’s way System it seemed like a “walk in the park”.

I began my Dr. Howard’s Way Diet journey on 1st November 2014. I weighed in at 174 kgs (BMI 50). I almost cried, but I knew I could do this & had to do this with no second chance. As the next few weeks & months passed (& even as I type this), I continue to lose weight! Bit by bit, I started to notice my clothes were fitting better, soon enough I had to go buy new clothes because all the old ones were falling off me! As I was losing weight, my co-workers were so complimentary & encouraging. They could not believe the transformation I had made & it really kept me going. Everyone asked me how I was doing it & I told them I owe it all to Dr. Howard’s Way Diet & my father. I truly believe this program will work for my entire life, it has changed the way I eat & made me a healthier person. I have never felt so good today (15th November 2015) & I weigh 86 Kgs (BMI 25) now!

Best Compliments : The best compliment I have received is when someone had told me that I am their inspiration & the reason that they have lost weight. There is no better feeling in the world than feeling like I’ve changed someone’s (or family members) life for the better. Another meaningful compliment was given by a friend who walked right passed me on the street without recognizing me. He said I had changed so much it was like looking at a completely new person.

Advice : Believe that you CAN lose weight!! I think a lot of people join a weight-loss program not really believing in what they’re doing. Once you drop the excuse & get tot the point where you are focused on what you want to achieve – You will be successful!

Thank You Dr. Howard’s Way Diet for giving me my life back!