Ishaan Singh

“I wanted to lose weight, but how? I did a lot of gym workouts but none of them helped much. Due to my busy schedule, there were some days I couldn’t work out as well. Then, one of my colleagues told me about the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet and how it helped to lose weight. In my initial consultation in July, I was 106.8 kg, BMI 32. Toward my end of phase 1 (23/9/17), I weighed 84 kg, BMI of 25 losing about 23 kg. I now weigh 80 kg (BMI 24).

I feel energetic and fresh now and I was never low on energy at any time during the diet. I would like to say thanks to Sonali, Karishma & Preeti for their support. And again I would specially like to appreciate the incredible and consistent efforts by my consultant- Karishma Haziyani who helped me drive through this diet programme in an amazing way. You guys are awesome & please carry on the great work”

Phase 1 – 9/7/2017 – 23/9/2017
Phase 2 – 23/9/2017 – 21/10/2017
Phase 3 – Maintenance – On going