Anisha Duggal

I remember the nights I would spend eating a packet of chips and cookies after dinner. I had created a world for me that only revolved around food.. the only solution to anything I felt was eating! I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food! It was toxic!

Eat a bag of chips, feel horrible about it, eat some more till the feeling faded… It was the same thing over and over again. A vicious cycle. After joining endless diets, making New Year resolutions year after year and failing at literally everything I tried, I had given up!

Not only me but my entire family had given up! (I come from a family where  everybody is very fit and particular about their health.)

Since my father is a doctor, I got the opportunity to learn about Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System. He saw a number of patients who were doing this program and were looking better and healthier than even before. He told me about it and I thought I would give it a try.

I won’t deny it… I was scared to begin this program. I had a meeting with Namita and Matt. The consultation lasted an hour and as soon as myself and my will power to do this. But there was a voice in my head which said “try one last time.”

The very next day I began the 3 phase weight loss and management system.

Matt and his team are just brilliant! They helped me change so many things about by perception on healthy eating and the lifestyle changes needed. They were always there to support me, encourage me and to teach me ways to trust myself around food.

Namita, (who works with Dr. Howards Way Weight Management System) also went out of her way to help me. Before I knew it, a month had gone by and I couldn’t believe I could be this disciplined! The longer I did phase 1 (the fat loss part), the stronger I felt.

Phase 1 really helped me change my relationship with food. I learned to say NO!

During my Phase 1, there were countless social events I had to attend. I didn’t skip a single one, because each time I said NO to eating something I used to love, I felt a part of me winning because I realized at that time it was social eating and unnecessary.

The results were amazing! I was looking better for sure but what I felt had no comparison. I spent 20 weeks in Phase 1 and by the end of it, I felt like a totally different person! I needed something to help me turn my life around and have control on my unhealthy thoughts (of food) and I did achieve this. Dr, Howard’s Way Weight Management System has changed my life! Meeting Matt has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would recommend this program to everyone who needs it. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I was 91.7Kgs (BMI 33) when I started and today I am 62kgs (BMI 23)

I am now into my 2nd week of Phase 3 (maintenance) it is going great. I can see the difference in myself and eating habits. I have become conscious about what I eat. I make an effort to plan my meals in advance so that everything is ready for when I feel hungry. I eat healthy and workout on a regular basis. It feels great to change my lifestyle! I no longer binge mindlessly and feel so much in control of myself. A transformation I never thought was possible!

This program helps bring out the best in you… not only physically but mentally too!

The entire Dr. Howard’s Way team, Matt, Tejal, Namita, Trupti, and Karishma are always there to help! They guide you and support you to achieve the results you want!

Anisha Duggal

Duration – 27/05/15-17/11/2015
(Phase 1 & Phase 2… Phase 3 on going)