Ahmed Shaikh

I don’t remember being anything but fat my entire life. It’s a miserable way to live – the smallest of tasks are literally exhausting, not to mention the emotional trauma and anxiety of facing and interacting with people, who are rarely kind, often disparaging, or concern trolling. It’s a dark place to be at, but since you are reading this – let me tell you that the solution is within your reach: Dr. Howard’s Way is a completely safe, healthy, way to lose your weight, and to keep it off!

Dr. Howard’s Way is a regime of re-education. It will teach you the fundamentals of nutrition. How your body breaks down food. Why, when, and where it stores food as fat. How you can eat healthy, mindfully, and burn excess to make sure that you lose the fat, and most importantly, you keep it off. 

Phase 1 is where you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition, as you get started on your journey to weight loss. You might think that living off the food replacement (TFR) that DHW provides will make you hungry, tired, and weak – just the opposite is true! I never felt better than I did during Phase 1. It’s a kind of detox. Your skin will start clearing up, your hair will feel better, your sleep will be deeper, you will wake up more energetic, and your days will go by happy and healthy. You will also learn that water is your best friend.

The beauty of Phase 1 are the regular check-ups with your friendly neighbourhood guide at DHW. The DHW Team is a wonderful mix of extremely knowledgeable supportive and helpful people. They are always a WhatsApp, or a call away to discuss, help, guide you through this phase. The bi-weekly checks are a blessing and once you see the weight falling every week, week-over-week, you will have all the incentive and motivation to keep going.

Once you have reached your target weight – congratulations on that – you will learn how to wean off TFR and back to solid foods. This is what phase 2 is about. It’s a piece of cake, just don’t eat any cakes… not yet.

Phase 3 is the last phase and it’s the longest phase, in a manner of speaking. Phase 3 is about understanding how you should manage your macronutrients over the rest of your healthy life. It will help ensure that you don’t gain back the weight you lost. Phase 3 is also where you will learn the benefits of regular exercise – this can range from time spent at the gym to a brisk walk. Just tools and tips to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of the sedentary lifestyle we are all so comfortable with…

Weight loss isn’t easy. Keeping the weight off is harder still. But DHW is here to help you out. I highly recommend you enroll. It will literally change your life for the better.

After losing more than 70 kilos, I am a brand-new person. I can spend quality time with my family (I am no longer exhausted playing with the kids, or just going out, or planning a vacation), I am more social, far healthier, and about a 1000% happier (approximately).

All the best!