Sleep Apnea

This is a disorder, mostly suffered by overweight men, whereby the airways are restricted or even blocked and causes disturbed sleep. Some people suffer from sleep apnea so much so that they have to rely on a machine to help them breath.

However, Scientists have found that weight loss alleviates this problem. Studies continue to show that significant weight loss in patients in scientific research have eliminated the suffering of sleep apnea completely.

Overall weight loss benefits other areas in one’s life, such as reducing the risks of developing heart disease, cancer, asthma etc. It is actually the requirement of a lifestyle change that is needed in order to live a fuller, healthier life. It seems quite an impossible feat to stay fit and healthy due to the lifestyle a lot of city people lead. Things such as working long hours, commuting far, pollution, eating fast foods on the go, all seem detrimental to our life and you wonder where you will find the time to exercise and watch what you eat.

It is not impossible to change your lifestyle around for the better. Just the smallest of changes in habits and food choices are easy to make and follow and thus develop a new lifestyle change for the better. Being on the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System is a great way to not only lose your excess weight, but it is a starting point in life where you learn so much more about making these changes to lead a healthier lifestyle and maintain lost weight long term.

The use of the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) products that are used in the Dr. Howard’s Way Weight Management System along with meetings with the consultants and study sessions will help benefit all those that are overweight and manage their lost weight LONG TERM!