Post Pregnancy

For new mum’s, to their joy they have given birth to a new life, but for some mum’s to their horror, have found they have gained something called ‘excess weight’ after birth!

It just never seems to go away – or seems like you are forever going on a diet to shift those extra pounds and get back to how you looked before becoming pregnant. You feel like you have been wearing maternity clothes for a long time and now baby has come, all you want to do is get back into your old clothes again. Well now you can!

It is safe, easy and quick to join the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet and lose the excess pregnancy gained weight, in no time at all. If you have 10kg or more to lose and your BMI is 27 or more you can qualify to join us. As long as you are not breastfeeding your baby and/or only giving one comfort feed (i.e. your baby is no longer relying on your milk for nutrition) you can start as soon as you want.

You will detox, lose weight, get all the optimum nutrition your body needs to keep you fit and healthy and give you more energy than you probably thought didn’t exist. Don’t worry about exercise for the moment, it is not a requirement for the Weight Management System, but we strongly recommend you do join a Gym and get started slowly and even have Personal Trainers take you through some workouts.

The owner of our company, Matt is on hand to write training schedules for those who want to get serious and want to have extended consultations (additional cost). Any form of exercise you do like doing, just consult your Doctor first and let us know so we can also help guide you in the right direction. And with running around after baby, we are sure you probably won’t feel like doing much else other than taking things slow to begin with.

It is very easy to compare yourself to celebrity mums who seem to lose the weight overnight. This is not how it works! They probably have a team of nutritionists/dieticians, chefs and personal trainers and this all costs a LOT of MONEY! For a fraction of the price and in just as little as 4 weeks you can be around 6kg lighter. Don’t despair; we are only a click on your laptop away….. !