Getting Married

Planning a wedding can take months to organize at the best of times. A lot of thought and planning goes into even the smallest of details, why wouldn’t you –  it is your big day after all.

For some people, excess weight can be the biggest issue of all. ‘How will I look good in my wedding outfit?’

It is every man and woman’s dream to look good in their wedding dress or suit! So, bearing in mind you want to lose weight before the big day, a lot of thought has to go into the fact that with weddings also come all the other functions (and a lot of food) even before the big day, meaning more excess calories.

There is no quick fix solution to losing weight and you need to dedicate the time to yourself to achieve the goals you desire. You must not starve yourself or exercise in excess and think you will achieve your goal. You will not. In the long term you can do more damage.

If you are dreading looking overweight and frumpy on your wedding day – then don’t despair, we are here to help you.

If you have 10kg or more to lose or are BMI 27 or above and you have 8 weeks or more (depending on how much you wish to lose) before your big day , then you are looking at the right page!

We will not only help you lose your excess weight, but at the same time, we provide you with invaluable information on how to maintain your lost weight and how to control your eating habits for all the functions that come before (and after) a wedding. As you will be starting a new life with a new family, why not learn to adopt a new, healthier lifestyle also?

The Dr. Howard’s Way Diet will be the safest, fastest and easiest Weight Management System you will find to help your reach your dream….

You will be happy and surprised from the support and encouragement that you will get from the support your consultants will give you. We are always available, by email, sms or phone after completing Phase 1 and 2 with us, should you ever need extra advice or have concerns about weight loss, weight management, shopping and eating techniques etc then Phase 3 is where this all happens.