Exercise- Loss of body fat and Weight Maintenance

The one form of EXERCISE that is vital is ‘CV’ (cardio-vascular). When you increase the amount of physical movement or exercise, (in Phase 3) you will have ‘improved’ your lifestyle automatically by this point. The amount you exercise is undoubtedly an important factor in relation to your success in ‘long term’ weight loss/weight maintenance.

The Dr. Howard’s Way Diet Weight Management System is not just a diet, as part of the system, we create awareness of the necessity of lifestyle changes that are needed, particularly with such large amounts of weight loss. Although exercise is not a necessity whilst on our system to lose weight, we strongly recommend that some form of stretching, light cardio and or light weights be taken up, especially if not a member of the gym already.

This is vital in our opinion as it helps with mobility and stamina in the long run, especially when you see the dramatic results of the weight loss in terms of appearance, overall health and confidence, you will certainly want to be of the mindset that you will keep this weight off forever, as you would never want to go back to your old, unhealthy self. What a great reason to join the gym, if not a member already! If you are a member of the gym, then the combination of weight loss and the above benefits that go with it are crucial when balancing a new lifestyle to maintain the lost weight long term. Why would you not want to maintain your new healthier life?

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle for example, sit at a desk/computer all day five days a week, (or you might be a house wife with a maid) you have to accept that you are burning very few calories than others with a more active lifestyle. If you eat more food than that few required you will store the excess and gain weight! This is NOT a punishment, but a reality!

The most helpful type of exercise that we will encourage you to adopt (particularly in your Maintenance stage Phase 3) is aerobic, (increasing your cardiovascular system in the distribution of oxygen around your body). Activities like walking, jogging, swimming, rowing, cross trainer, spinning, cycling, zumba and Tai-Bo also falls into this category.

Anaerobic exercise is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to build power and strength, by men & women who wish to tone up and or increase their muscle mass. During Phase 1 (fat/weight loss), it is advantageous (but not mandatory) if you increase your exercise to include 3-5, 45 minute sessions per week. If you need help in deciding which exercise to do, take advice from a Personal Trainer after taking advise from your Consultant.  But, as always, seek advice of a Doctor before undertaking any form of exercise first. We would recommend brisk walking/swimming to start.

BREAK IT DOWN EVEN MORE : If you work long hours, recent research has shown that three 10 minute sessions in a day are as good as one 30 minute session. This helps many in combating the old “no time for exercise” excuse we give ourselves!

ENJOY :  Be certain to find something you enjoy (be it CV, weights, classes or a combination), you’ll be more apt to stick with it. Try working out with a friend even. Once you give exercise a chance, you will begin to enjoy its positive benefits on your ‘inner self’ as well; you may enjoy it so much you may even become “hooked”, leading to many more long term benefits! Mind, body & soul…

ONCE MAINTAINING : A lower, healthier body weight/BMI is something you can accomplish with a little motivation! Research suggests that overweight women who exercised for five 30 minute sessions per week were able to maintain a weight loss of approximately 13 Kilos (29 pounds/2 stone) over one and a half years. Whatever your goals may be, your Dr. Howard’s Way Consultants are here to help you achieve them.

NEED A COMMITMENT ? For those who prefer to work out as part of a group, most Gyms will provide classes, such as various forms of dance, body pump, body combat and step aerobics with a trained instructor to ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

Pick whichever form of exercise suits you and your lifestyle best, but always remember to notify us of your decision. If you are not used to any form of exercise, always consult your Doctor first & remember… we are ALWAYS here to help!