The System

Dr.Howard's Way Diet 3 Phase Weight Management System

We've got you covered!

Dr. Howard’s Way Diet, 3 phase weight management system has been operating very successfully in India for coming on 5 years now (as of late 2014). We are using the concept of the nutritionally complete  VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) and the use of TFR combined with the management system for Dr. Howard's Way Diet. We have improved all flavours and contents of our 3 phase Weight Management System to accommodate the needs of our Indian patients.

The same body fat reduction concept (phase 1) is still being used worldwide and has been for over 30 years. However, I have modified our approach. At the same time as using the nutritionally complete VLCD / TFR method,  I also now incorporate re-education and behavioural science as a major part of what we do. With a week by week system, that guides you through these subjects of nutritional science, behavioural science and sports science in a manner that makes it accessible to the novice. We have proved to be VERY successful in helping the vast majority (over 90%) of our overweight/obese clients to get in the healthy BMI range.

How does the Dr. Howard’s Way Diet, 3 phase weight management system work?

With an excellent reputation of achieving safe and fast results that is backed by the medical community in the UK/US and EU, the Dr. Howard's Way Diet, Weight Management System works to achieve predictable weight loss. This helps you, our patients, gain more confidence while providing you with the knowledge, expertise and support to help maximise your health and fitness goals into the bargain.

With our recommendation of the best gymnasiums, combined with re-education in sports, behavioural and nutritional science, we help you maintain your weight loss, long term. In phase 3 healthy food and exercise regimes are each personally tailored to your individuals needs will be and you will find we have covered everything for you.

Whilst on the Dr. Howard's Way Diet System you will start with:

Phase 1

This is the initial weight loss/actual calorie restriction utilizing our (own) VLCD product. You will be using TFR meal products, achieving weight loss of approximately 6kg every 4 weeks for most overweight patients. This product is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) formula, which meets with all your (optimal) nutritional requirements, with minimal calories. And has been deemed safe by the US and EU FDA for over 30 years!

Three servings per day (for ladies) delivers 474 Calories (4 servings for men: 632), produces a state of ‘mild dietary ketosis’ in the patient after the initial 3-4 days, thus obtaining optimum weight (fat) loss, (with the help of the amount of water we coach you to drink) AND SUPPRESSING HUNGER NATURALLY (this will be explained during your initial consultation)!

Phase 2

This is the re introduction of foods back into an eating routine, in a controlled manner. This will happen under our guidance, combined with expert re-education on how your body reacts to certain foods while maintaining the low levels of Insulin secretion that are achieved during phase 1. There is also a re-sensitizing to Insulin for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes so your medication will be reduced / discontinued!

Phase 3

This is the study of the latest techniques from the last 20 years in behavioural modification from Europe and America that we have been utilising; helping you achieve lifestyle changes. We also use many other techniques that have proven to be the most successful for keeping lost body fat off long term. You are encouraged to adopt these changes as they give you the best chance of keeping your weight off for LIFE!

We charge nothing for one to one weight checkups, once you have lost weight with us in phase 1 and 2, and ‘Phase 3′ is 100% free for life.