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Authored by Matthew Howard

Insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic levels in the metro's according to specialists in the field. Also at the same level of concern is high blood pressure (hyper tension) but I will come back to that in another article. Both of these conditions are related to obesity which is also at epidemic levels in the metro's. Diabetologists, have also pointed out that the fastest growing group is the under 15's (our children)! November 14 is not only children's day but also World Diabetes Day and the national  number of children with diabetes for 2014 will be reported. The main causality is sugar filled drinks. Although, there are many contributory factors that I will cover! The prevalence of diabetes is predicted to double globally from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million in 2030. However, the maximum increase will be in India. India is facing an epidemic of diabetes. At present, confirmed diabetes patients in India are 67 million, with another 30 million in pre-diabetes group. By 2030, India will have the largest number of patients in the world.

Diabetes is not only a blood sugar problem, but brings along other complications as well," warns Dr Arun Bal, diabetic surgeon. It is predicted that by 2030 diabetes may afflict up to 79.4 million individuals in India, this will have a dramatic effect on the GDP of India (we are the 3rd largest economy in the world right now) and we will fall from grace as a nation!

Dr V Sekar, chief consultant at the Coimbatore Diabetes Foundation, says every month they get around 10 to 15 fresh cases of diabetic children below 15 years. This is just in one clinic. I talk to Diabetologists all over India on a weekly basis, as I have been involved in getting patients off their medications by reversing their Insulin resistance and re-initialising Insulin sensitivity for over 20 years now. I deal with mostly the adult population, however, I have dealt with the under 16's and one that springs to mind was the child of a Bollywood celeb who was over 134kg at 5ft 7 in when I met him at the age of 15! His mother would always give him soft drinks, and what-ever he wanted. So there he was eating 2870 odd calories a day from JUNK! Too much fast food and soft drinks combined with a Xbox/PS3 life-style leads to a sedentary, obese child who by the time he reaches 25 will be in SERIOUS trouble!

Is "Bariatric surgery" the answer? NO it is NOT! I was asked to consult with a major Bollywood celeb's blood mother (who's father wrote a lot of hit movies scripts in the 70's and 80's) due to her obesity. She was deciding to either let me help her or go for Bariatric surgery! She knew one of my clients who had lost 37kg and was maintaining the loss for well past 2 years at the time. So I went all the way to Bandra, and sat with the mother for 2hr explaining the pro's and con's of Bariatric surgery, and how it is not a long term solution. I have done a lot of research into Bariatric surgery in the UK, I have spoken with nurses who had to leave clinics that specialised in just Bariatric surgery because they just could not deal with seeing people getting sick from malabsorption syndrome (which is one of the major side effects). So I explained all this the mother and how what I do is A SAFE LONG TERM SOLUTION. The family Dr was also present and was not only agreeing with me, but thanking me because he had been trying to talk her out of having the surgery for some weeks now. However, it was not to be! There was obviously some family politics after I left and, the pay some money, go with the easy option was chosen (and that is never the best option). People who have Bariatric surgery do not always lose weight either! I have had 2 clients come to me now that were still VERY obese and had stopped losing weight despite having the very expensive surgery. Bottom line here is that Bariatric surgery is NOT the solution and it will destroy your health in the long term!

Type 2 diabetes is an issue that we all have to be taking VERY seriously or it will sink us (mother India) as a country. I will scream from the roof tops about this issue every day if I have too until someone in the "Modi" government starts to pay attention and force the IDA to get involved in a grass roots campaign to save our country from this American cancer, that we are letting in-to our lives. Who in their right mind would invite a Vampire into their home and leave him with their kids? And yet that is metaphorically what the vast majority are doing on a daily basis!

So what is leading people to this problem? Refined carbs is the answer. There is a very simple chart that is from 0 to 100 that measures how fast a carb digests and turns to blood sugar. High levels of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) are life threatening and thus cause your body to secrete too much Insulin from the beta cells in the panaceas. And this over time leads to Insulin-resistance. The scale (0 to 100) is called the GI or glycemic index. This is an over simplification, but I have space considerations here that I do not have on my website or when consulting with clients.

I will doing a part 2 to this article next month as I have outlined some of the problem and will then go on to cover some of the solutions in October! My children are being raised here and educated here. I want mother India to be a world leader and remain a world leader . A healthy nation is a prosperous nation. Namaskar!