My journey into changing lives

...is a commitment towards a healthier tomorrow.

I have been involved in weight loss and weight management, for over 20 years now.
Soon after university, taking complete cognizance of the impending problem of weight re-gain, I decided that we needed to address this issue right away, as it wasn't just plaguing the UK but was prevalent globally. And this is where my journey began...

We all have a HUGE debt to professor Alan Howard, 'PhD MA FRIC' who is the founder and the head of the 'Howard Foundation Research Institute'.As that is where the very first nutritionally complete / TFR/ VLCD was completed and released onto the market after Alan finished the clinical trails. That product went on to become a world wide brand. Alan was the inspiration for my work in the field of obesity and it has become a life long obsession to reverse this disease that is crippling the modern world. That is why I decided to call my company 'Dr.Howard's Way Diet', it is my way of recognising that without Alan, none of this would have been possible!

I became a director of my mothers(Penelope Ann Howard) company "Howard's Way" (which services the EU) and implemented my ideas of how we should approach the danger of the post weight loss period, which the British medical association (BMA) studies tell us is the first 12/14 months. That is the danger time for the vast majority of regain of lost weight as stated by the BMA.

This helped carve a clear vision of how I was going to get patients from the end of phase 2 to 12/14 months later with zero significant regain (2/3kg is the range of acceptability). With a double Masters in in Nutritional Science and Human Psychology, it was obvious to me that behavioural science was going to be the key to cracking this. 'Habitual behavioural programming' is the epiphany that descended upon me while pondering this issues of why people did exactly the opposite to that which they intended. In short: a mammalians reaction to it's environment. And considering Homosapiens (modern humans) are mammalian, I knew this was the right direction to go in. To understand 'Habitual behavioural programming' we have to look at the sub-conscious which I will spend time on with my client base.

I can now say that over 20 years later, my university education is next to useless as all of the tricks I have picked up that have formed the structure of my success have been from reading up on the subject of behavioral science since I left university! I studied NLP for a year; Dr Richard Bandler (the main founder of this system) has his school in London. I sat in the same room as DRB on more occasions than I can recall. I went on to read everything I could find on the subject of behavioral science in general and also NLP. Including the recent work coming out of CAL-TECH headed up by 'Professor Leonard Mlodinow' and his ground breaking work on the study of the sub-conscious "subliminal". You can view him in action here.

I can now confidently repeat what others have had to say about me, including my client base, that working hands-on with patients in the post weight loss period, for as long as I have, combined with the success rates I now entertain - I have a PhD in results! I have the best record for post-obesity clients keeping their weight off long term than any-one else I and my clients know of. And considering that this 3 phase weight management system has been conceived, implemented and executed by me, others sporting a similar "system"or results would be guilty of plagiarism.