I have been involved in weight loss and weight management, for over 20 years now.
Soon after university, taking complete cognizance of the impending problem of weight re-gain, I decided that we needed to address this issue right away, as it wasn't just plaguing the UK but was prevalent globally. And this is where my journey began...

We all have a HUGE debt to professor Alan Howard, 'PhD MA FRIC' who is the founder and the head of the 'Howard Foundation Research Institute'.As that is where the very first nutritionally complete / TFR/ VLCD was completed and released onto the market after Alan finished the clinical trails. That product went on to become a world wide brand. Alan was the inspiration for my work in the field of obesity and it has become a life long obsession to reverse this disease that is crippling the modern world. That is why I decided to call my company 'Dr.Howard's Way Diet', it is my way of recognising that without Alan, none of this would have been possible!

I became a director of my mothers(Penelope Ann Howard) company "Howard's Way" (which services the EU) and implemented my ideas of how we should approach the danger of the post weight loss period, which the British medical association (BMA) studies tell us is the first 12/14 months. That is the danger time for the vast majority of regain of lost weight as stated by the BMA.

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The System

Dr.Howard's Way Diet 3 Phase Weight Management System

We've got you covered!

Dr. Howard’s Way Diet, 3 phase weight management system has been operating very successfully in India for coming on 5 years now (as of late 2014). We are using the concept of the nutritionally complete  VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) and the use of TFR combined with the management system for Dr. Howard's Way Diet. We have improved all flavours and contents of our 3 phase Weight Management System to accommodate the needs of our Indian patients.

The same body fat reduction concept (phase 1) is still being used worldwide and has been for over 30 years. However, I have modified our approach. At the same time as using the nutritionally complete VLCD / TFR method,  I also now incorporate re-education and behavioural science as a major part of what we do. With a week by week system, that guides you through these subjects of nutritional science, behavioural science and sports science in a manner that makes it accessible to the novice. We have proved to be VERY successful in helping the vast majority (over 90%) of our overweight/obese clients to get in the healthy BMI range.


Will the Dr. Howard's Way diet Weight Management System work for me?

The answer to this question is, yes! This is not a crash/fad diet. It is medically controlled and overseen by our consultants and your own Doctor in a strict manner. Your health and well being is extremely important to us. You will find that over the first 7 days on the programme when you have achieved the recommended amount of water we coach you to drink, that the rest of the experience of losing weight with us, is very easy.

Being on the Dr. Howard's Way Diet, Weight Management System, you will find that medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 2 etc can be reduced as soon as 4 weeks as these conditions are caused and also exasperated by obesity. So as your weight comes down, usually, so does the level of medication required, to the point where they are discontinued under medical supervision.

We understand that different health and fitness regimes work differently for different people, which is why we pride ourselves on being a Weight Management System, exclusively for those who need to lose body fat and who also want to become more Fit and Healthy into the bargain. We know you will lose approximately 6kg every 4 weeks (BMI 30 plus patients). Our patients across Europe have been doing the same for over 20 years!

We help you gain a better understanding about yourself and your lifestyle whilst helping you lose your unnecessary body fat, combined with our study sessions that we have during all 3 of our phases. Once you have completed the 3 phase system, we continue to help you maintain your new self.

We do recommend some form of exercise during the course of the programme but it is not essential during Phase 1. This is because the VLCD has a low enough calorie level content that you will not need to exceed past medium paced walking while on Phase 1. However, each patient will also be assessed individually by us, should you wish to address the topic of exercise in general. Extended consultations on a one to one basis can also be offered (at an extra charge).

For those of you not confident enough to join a Gym at the beginning, we are positive you will soon want to as you begin to see the amazing transformation within yourself as the weight starts to fall off you. This combined with compliments from friends, family and work colleagues, will have an amazing effect on your confidence in your ability to achieve more than just reducing body fat.

However we do highly recommend a controlled diet and exercise regime for the rest of your life, which we will always guide you through at no extra cost (apart from purchasing our programme and maintenance products).

You will certainly want us to recommend the best Gym or club near you to maintain all your lost weight and perhaps begin to tone up a little – maybe the men will want to start building some muscle and look like some of the more toned and well shaped sports people from the IPL and pro Tennis !

How is the Dr. Howard's Way diet Weight Management System different?

After extensive research, we found that the problems facing people about choosing the right plan for themselves are very much like anywhere else in the world. We have worked with our VLCD products and our 3 phase system in Europe for over 20 years now and the VLCD products used by thousands of people, have been proved time and time again by the British Medical Association (BMA) to be the most safe/successful weight loss products in the market. They have even been adopted by Doctors worldwide to get morbid obese patients to a BMI where having a general anaesthetic will NOT kill the patient!

From our experience in the industry, we so often hear about the latest fad diets and pseudoscience techniques i.e. vibrating tables and massages claiming to fight the flab while you lay back and watch the television or read a magazine or diet pills and medicines to restrict fat absorption. Or even a laser that allegedly burns the fat cells without damaging your skin! There are so many gimmicks out there, one has to be careful what they are drawn into and how much they end up paying for little or no results.

The Dr. Howard’s Way Diet, Weight Management System is a simple, easy and safe system. There are no injections, pills/medication or gimmicks. All soups and milkshakes contain the vital nutrients a person needs to survive on a daily basis and meets all governmental RDA guidelines to ensure all individuals gain optimum nutrition, whether you are on Phase 1 of the programme for a month or a year.

Anyone who claims you can lose weight without dieting, and or excising, are trying to convince you that they can defy the laws of physics and gravity, with gimmicks!!! So to answer the question "how are we different" - this is how we differ from others in the weight loss industry, our experience combined with our support and re-education, will help you achieve your target in no time at all.

Once you have completed all 3 Phases of our system, you are considered a member for life and we will always be there to support you. You will learn about portion sizes, eating out, how obesity related diseases manifest in the first place, how to control cravings, keep hunger in check all day with the right foods, and lead a balanced lifestyle.

We also hope you will translate newly learnt alternatives (that we have taught you) into your family homes and help educate some family members, especially your children. As this is the fastest growing group in the obesity bracket according to the WHO (World Health Organization)! We encourage this so they can go on to lead healthier lives in general. We must act now with obesity in India before it reaches pandemic levels, such as those in Europe and the US!

The use of a VLCD (Very Low Diet), resulting in weight loss has been shown (like many Obesity related conditions) to greatly reduce the symptoms of Obesity related Asthma. The use of the TFR meals used in the Dr. Howard's Way diet Weight management  system helps the overweight person with asthma to not only reduce their weight in a safe and quick way, but may also experience the benefit of less use of inhalers.


Tejal's Story

Finally!! A weight loss system that is as sound medically as it is successful!

Abhinav's Story

I lost weight with Dr. Howard's Way losing 20kg in just 12 weeks.

Swati's Story

I was so glad to have been told of The Dr Howard's way Diet by my friend from London.

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